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法国蒙彼利埃大学宣传手册(EDBA EMBA)招生简章

EMBA/FMBA学费: 15.6万/人
DHM学费: 32万/人
EDBA学费: 29.8万/人
培训费用: 156000.00元/人
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Executive DBA
蒙彼利埃 (Montpellier)位于法国南部地中海沿岸,是法国第八 大城市,有“阳光之城”的美誉,也是法国南部重要的工商业中 心,其所属地区也是法国著名的红酒产区。 蒙彼利埃知名除了阳光就是它的大学,一个二十多万人的城市每年 接纳六万名大学生,是法国著名的大学城,蒙彼利埃医学院是世界 上最早的高等医科类院校。
Montpellier is located in south France, which is the eighth largest city of the country. With its reputation of “the City of Sunshine”, Montpellier is an important commercial and industrial center of South France, it’s also famous for wine production. Apart from its fascinating scenery, Montpellier is renowned for its university town, adopting 60,000 students yearly with a population of just around 200,000. Montpellier Medicine School is one of the earliest medical schools in the world. 
法国蒙彼利埃市 Study in Montpellier 02
自八个世纪以来... From 8 seculars…
蒙彼利埃大学成立于1289年,作为法国第一个非宗教、国际性的大学享誉全球。八百年来,众多知识分子和科学家,从文 艺复兴作家拉伯雷和物理学家居里到法国新闻之父勒诺多、化学家夏普塔尔和数学家格罗滕迪克,已经使这所大学与所在城 市生活息息相关,并参与到时代变迁的巨大挑战中。 我国著名数学家,中国近代数学的先驱熊庆来,中国近代知名生物学家 周太玄、中国著名心理学家左任侠等也曾在此求学。
University of Montpellier revives the universal ambition of the first university created in France in 1289 as a secular and international establishment. Over a period of eight centuries, intellectuals and scientists, from Rabelais and Curie, to Renaudot, Chaptal and Grothendieck, have shaped a university closely tied with the city’s life and involved in the great challenges of its times. Chinese famous Mathematician, pioneer of chinese Modern Mathematics Xiong Qinglai, Chinses biologist Zhou Taixuan, Chinese famous Psychologist Zuo Renxia also studied in the university.
蒙彼利埃大学与多家法国国家和国际研究机构保持着紧密的关系,蒙彼利埃大学与英国剑桥大学、牛津大学、德国哥廷根大 学齐名,是欧洲顶尖的“英布拉大学联盟”成员之一。
They also make a very close relationship with many local national and International research institutions.  University of Montpellier keeps abreast of University of Cambridge, Oxford University, and Goettingen University, all of whom are members of the European Union's top university of Coimbra group.
… 如今 … to now  
蒙彼利埃大学融合了广泛而全面的学科领域,从科学、技术、医疗到环境和教育学,同时也包含管理学、工商管理学、经济 学、法学和政治学。
University of Montpellier brings together a vast community of knowledge, from science, techniques and medicine to environmental and educational science, as well as management, business administration, economics, law and political sciences. 
蒙彼利埃大学包括16个学院或研究所,其中包括蒙彼利埃管理学院(MOMA)。它为学生提供了多元化的学习机会,结合 机器人学,工程学与健康科学,经济学,法学,信息技术和工商管理学,以满足未来的职业需求。
University of Montpellier encompasses 16 Faculties or Institutes among which Institute of Montpellier Management (MOMA). It offers students an opportunity to train in multiple areas in order to meet the needs of tomorrow’s demanding careers, combining robotics, engineering and health, or economics, law, information technologies and business administration.
蒙彼利埃大学 Université de Montpellier
· 16% 外国学生 · 1,700 博士生 · 2700 教授或研究者 · 12  图书馆· 70 国际合作伙伴 · 45000 学生
蒙彼利埃大学 Université de Montpellier 04
权威认证 Authorized Certification
权威认证 Authorized Certification 06
法文校名:Universite de montpellier 中文校名:蒙彼利埃大学 官方网址:www.umontpellier.fr
法国蒙彼利埃大学全球学术排名168名 Ranked #168 in Best Global Universities Rankings, US News168
法国蒙彼利埃大学法国学术排名6名 Ranked #6 in Best Global Universities Rankings, US News6
法国蒙彼利埃大学全球大学研究影响力排名174名 Ranked #174 in Research Ranking of Global Universities, RRGU174
US NEWS世界大学排名由美国三大新闻权威 之一的《美国新闻和世界报导》发布,其排 名因其专业性及权威性而在全球范围内拥有 巨大的影响力。 US NEWS university ranking is issued by “U.S News & World Report”,  one of the 3 authoritative news agencies in the US. It has a huge influence for its professional and authoritativeness.
法国蒙彼利埃大学为中国教育部认可并推荐的法国公立高校 Université de Montpellier is accredited and recommended by the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE).
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74.6 73.9 67.4 66.5 66.3 66.3 63.4
53 57 121 136 138 138 187
北京大学 清华大学 复旦大学 中国科学技术大学 上海交通大学 浙江大学 南京大学  
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权威认证 Authorized Certification 05
学院的目标是在国际化环境中培养高层管理者的杰出技能,使之具 备勇于承担、发明和创造的能力。蒙彼利埃管理学院的卓越学术成 就使学生为国际职业生涯做好充分准备。研究能力也是蒙彼利埃管 理学院的另一重要优势。
The institute's goal is to be a former high-level manager with strong skills and ability to undertake, invent and innovate in an international environment. The academic excellence of Montpellier Management Institute allows students to prepare the students to an international career. Research is also a priority of Montpellier Management. 
学院简介  Introduction of MOMA学院简介 Introduction of MOMA 0807
蒙彼利埃 管理学院 MoMa,Institute Montpellier Management
MoMa是: • 蒙彼利埃大学的管理学院 • 法国第三大管理学院 MoMa由5个部门组成,其中包括40个从学士到博士 的学位项目 会计,控制,金融 创业学 管理,战略 市场营销,销售 公共管理
MoMa is: • The Montpellier University School of Management. • The third major french school in management.  MoMa consists in 5 departments including 40 programs from Bachelor to PhD: Audit, Control, Finance Entrepreneurship Management, Strategy Marketing, Sales Public Management
创业卓越实验室由法学、经济学和管理学研究团队组成,专门研究创业学。它是由LabEx国际评审 机构分类的唯一一个法国“卓越实验室”,在未来投资研究课题框架中致力于创业学研究。 LabEx Entreprendre is composed of several research teams in law, economics and management, specializing in entrepreneurship. Classified by the international jury of LabEx evaluation, it is the only "Laboratoire d'Excellence" dedicated to entrepreneurship selected in France within the framework of the call for projects of Investments of Future. 创业卓越实验室是一个合作项目,由经济学领域的五个研究团队组成。 The Labex Entreprendre is a collaborative project that combines five research teams in the field of Economics 2016年LABEX出版物数量:133 The publications of the LABEX in 2016: 133 
管理 Management: • 12 个研究行动   12 Research Actions • 6个项目   6 programs • 6 位项目主持者   6 chairs  • 15个外来专家   15 External Experts 
项目主持者 CHAIRS 创业卓越实验室由六名项目主持者来推动和协调研究行动。 The six chairs of Labex contribute to the impulse and coordination of its actions.
• 商业难题的规避与处理方法    Prevention and treatment of business difficulties • 雅克•柯尔型企业家    Jacques Cœur Accompagnement Entrepreneur • 创业与创新    Entrepreneurship and Innovation • 企业社会责任与工作世界    Corporate Social Responsibility and World of Work • 中小企业高管和企业家的健康    Health of SME executives and Entrepreneurs • 责任管理与创业(MER)    Responsible Management and Entrepreneurship (MER)
223位研究者包括: 223 researchers including: 141全职研究人员 141 full researchers 82名博士 82 PhD students 21篇博士论文/年 21 PhD thesis/Year  2016年:443份出版物, 其中,尤其是, In 2016 :  443 publications, including, more particularly, 100篇排名学术期刊中的发表文章 100 Articles in ranked scientific reviews 262篇 国内或国外学术会议发表论文 262 papers in national and international conferences 9本书籍 9 books 31 个学术合集书章节 31 chapters in collective scientific books
8个学科(或职能)团队 8 disciplinary (or functional) groups 创业学 Entrepreneurship 会计,控制与审计 Accounting, Control and Auditing 金融  Finance 人力资源管理 Human Resource Management
蒙彼利埃管理研究 Montpellier Research Management (MRM)
市场营销 Marketing 战略学 Strategy 信息系统管理 Information Systems Management 管理批判性研究 Critical studies in Management
一个专注于管理科学的研究实验室 A laboratory specialized in Management Sciences 法国管理科学最重要的研究实验室 The most important French laboratories in Management Sciences
4个跨学科主题 4 interdisciplinary topics 创新管理 Innovation Management 责任管理 Responsible Management 农业商业管理 Agro-Business Management 健康管理 Health Care Management
蒙彼利埃管理研究 09
创业卓越实验室 10
教学理念  Philosophy 蒙彼利埃大学的教学针对的是有实战管理经验的管理人员,通过在蒙彼利埃项目中的学习,能通过完整的理论构建, 系统的表达出自己在工作中的不同视野和独特思想,并与更多的精英人才交流与分享,从而使自己的管理理念得到更 新与升华。
Université de Montpellier targets management talents with business practice. Through studying in Montpellier, students can systematically express their unique vision and thoughts from work, share communication with more elite students, promote their own management ideas.
Executive DBA program lays emphasis on practical requirements and overall education philosophy, provides students with abroad study opportunities, feel differences between East and West, raise their global leader awareness. The teaching contents is fruitful and practical, selected courses and forum promote students’ strategic insight, develop their innovative capacity, boost their management ability, play a greater influence. All seminar and courses are tutored by Chinese and French professors and scholars with management experience in large companies. 1-on-1 communication is advocated. 
培养目标  Objective 蒙彼利埃大学培养目标是传授学员如何进行更深层次的管理方法学习,通过理论与实践的学习,学员可以不断的产 生新的想法,形成新的知识、能力体系,在管理的舞台上更好地施展自己,提升个人在管理领域的价值,成为杰出 的企业管理者。通过Executive DBA 项目,学员不仅能够师从世界一流学者,也可通过课堂交流、联谊等方式在彼 此间建立深厚友谊。
Université de Montpellier is committed to tutoring students in-depth management methods. By learning theory with business practice, students are motivated to create new ideas continuously, formulate new knowledge and competence system, better shape their business career, promote their core value, and become an outstanding enterprise manager.Through the Executive DBA program, students can not only learn from world's leading scholars, but also establish profound friendship via class communication and social connection. 核心价值  Core Value
项目简介 about Executive DBA 11
Executive DBA项目注重实际的需求和全面的教育理念,为学员提供在两国学习的机会,以身临其境的感悟,让学员 感受东西方文化的差异,培养其全球领导者的意识。教学内容丰富实用,精选的课程和高端论坛有助于拓宽学员的战 略视野,发展创新能力,提高管理能力,发挥更大的影响力。所有的研讨会和课程均由中、法方教授和来自两国大型 企业的高级管理人员教授,鼓励一对一的交流。
1 No entranceexamination, bilingual teaching, The Europe Lvy Leagur university practical teaching 2 The overall ranking is 6 in france and 168 in world university, high-quality degree,global recognition 3 half and a year period,course flexible coordination,solve time problem of the working staff 4 50 famous doctoral supervisor,train a new era of corporate thinkers with Intent thinking 5 Join rhe platform of global GDA, enjoy the largest domestic master-doctor resource 6 Have chance to achieve the application of successive postgraduate and doctoral study, achieve a new life.
1 免联考,中英双语授课,欧洲常春藤级名校实战教学   2 全法大学综合排名第六,世界大学排名168位,高含金量学位 ,全球认可 3 一年半学制(EMBA ),灵活协调课业,解决在职人士时间顾虑 4 50位知名教授博导,成就有互联网思维的新时代企业思想家。 5 加入全球GDA校友平台,尊享国内最大硕博同学圈资源 6 有机会获得硕博连读资格申请,成就人生新境界。
愿景Vision 成就“企业思想家” Achieve “Entrepreneurial Thinkers”
开启企业家到思想企业家再到企业思想家的 管理学者之路,形成一套属于自己的管理哲 学,成就新一代商业文明思想者。
International Faculty, Localized Practice
蒙彼利埃大学EDBA项目主任 蒙彼利埃大学会计学教授、博士生导师 蒙彼利埃大学企业管理学院荣誉院长、理事会成员、学术委员会委 员、会计控制和审计专业硕士研究生部主任 法国国家会计理事会成员、欧盟的控制评估系统专家顾问、IAAER, AAA,EAA,AFC,DFCG成员。 研究方向:国际会计,财务报告,财务会计。
EDBA Program Dean at University of Montpellier Professor of Accounting, Doctoral Supervisor Honorary Dean of Business Administration College Member of the Council at University of Montpellier, Academic Committee Director of the master's degree department of Accounting control and Audit Member of the French National Accounting Council Expert Consultant for the EU Control evaluation System Member of IAAER,AAA,EAA,AFC,DFCG. Research Areas:International Accounting, Financial Reporting, Financial Accounting.
Professor of Accounting in Doctoral school, Doctoral Supervisor at University of Montpellier Director of Master in Management and Research Center Director of Master in Management Control and New Technological Systems of Graduates School Director of Master in Management of Health Organizations of Graduates School Member of the Scientific Committee Member of the Finance Committee Member of the Scientific Committee Member of the Finance Committee Member of the European Accounting Association (EAA) Member of the executive committee of the French Accounting Association Member of Accounting, Control, Audit journal association
Professor of Strategics, Doctoral supervisor at University of Montpellier ISEM Dean at University of Montpellier, Director of Business and Strategy Consulting Master, Head of Strategic Management Research Department in MRM-lab (Montpellier Management Research). Main Research Topics: Strategy, Innovation and Coopetition; High Tech Entrepreneurship Main Courses: Strategic Management, Strategy, Innovation and Coopetition, Industrial Strategies, Strategy Case Study, Industrial Organization.
Professor Monique LACROIX
Professor Frédéric LE ROY
Professor Gérald NARO
Professor SENTIS Patrick
Prof. Marie-Christine Lichtlé
Professor of Finance, Doctoral Supervisor at University of Montpellier Director of Doctoral Studies in Economics and Management at the University of Montpellier (France) Treasury Manager of French Finance Association, Visiting Professor at HEC Geneva (University of Geneva in Switzerland), President of French Finance Association (AFFI), Adjunct Professor at Groupe Sup de Co Montpellier Business School (France) Visiting scholar at the University of Texas at Austin (USA), Member of CFA USA and CFA France Research direction: Corporate Finance, Valuation, Sell-offs , Capital structure, Initial public offerings, Firing policy and firm value, Real options,  Derivatives, Financial Markets
蒙彼利埃大学金融学教授、博士生导师 蒙彼利埃大学经济管理博士生院院长Directeur de l'Ecole Doctorale Economie et Gestion (EDEG) 法国金融协会财政部经理(AFFI), 巴黎高商HEC日内瓦分校客座教授, 法国金融协会( AFFI)主席, 蒙彼利埃商学院兼职教授, 美国德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校访问学者 美国CFA协会和法国CFA协会成员 研究方向:公司金融、价值、证券跌价、资本结构、上市、解雇政策和公司价值、 实物期权、金融市场,税收及衍生品
蒙彼利埃大学战略学教授、博士生导师 蒙彼利埃大学企业管理学院研究院长、商务与战略咨询专业硕士研究生院 主任、蒙彼利埃管理研究(MRM)战略管理研究部负责人 主要研究议题:战略、创新和竞合,高科技产业的企业家精神。 主要教学方向:战略管理、战略,创新和竞合、 产业战略、战略案例分析 和产业组织。
蒙彼利埃大学博士生院会计学教授、博士生导师 蒙彼利埃大学管理研究中心研究主任、管理控制和新科技系统专 业的硕士研究生部主任、健康组织管理专业的硕士研究生部主 任、科学委员会成员、金融委员会委员 欧洲会计学会会员、法语会计协会董事会成员、会计、控制、审 计期刊协会会员。
师资团队  FACULTY师资团队  FACULTY 1413
蒙彼利埃大学营销学教授、博士生导师 蒙彼利埃管理学院的院长 蒙彼利埃研究管理实验室的成员 她的研究侧重于消费者行为,广告效果与零售,特别是在食品和健康行业。她在众多 出版物上发表文章(国际广告期刊、消费者营销期刊、市场营销期刊)
Professor of Marketing ,University of Montpellier. Director of the Montpellier Management Institute. Member of the laboratory Montpellier Research in Management. Her research focuses on consumer behavior, advertising effectiveness and retailing, especially in the fields of food and health. She has published articles in various publication outlets (International Journal of Advertising, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Recherche et Applications en Marketing, Décisions Marketing…) 
蒙彼利埃大学金融学教授 蒙彼利埃金融管理研究组(MRM)主任 法国巴黎九大金融学博士 研究领域:企业与社会责任之间的联系,外商直接投资,股票期权及其衍生产品。
Professor Pierre CHOLLET
Professor of Finance at University of Montpellier Director of the Research Team in finance of Montpellier Research in Management (MRM). PhD in Finance from Paris-Dauphine University (France) Research Topics: Connection between Business and social responsibility, foreign direct investment, stock options and derivatives.
Professor AURIER Phillippe 
Professor of Marketing, Doctoral Supervisor at University of Montpellier  PHD of HEC Paris-France  Post-Doc of UCLA-Anderson School of Management at UCLA   Teaching direction: Marketing Strategy, Brand Management, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Models, Marketing Studies   Specific Areas: Frequently purchased packaged goods, Agrofood marketing, Cultural marketing, Tourism Marketing Member of the Editorial Boards of : Psychology and Marketing, Research and Applications in Marketing, International Journal of Wine Economics, Marketing Decision 任荣明教授 Professor Rongming REN
陈德智 教授 Professor CHEN Dezhi
Professor of Economics and Management and Industrial Economics in Antai College of Economics and Management, Doctoral Supervisor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Director of the WTO and Economic Globalization Research Center at Shanghai Jiao Tong University Research Direction:WTO and China's economic development strategy; Chinese enterprise management and corporate governance; International trade and international investment
Associate Professor of Innovation and Strategy Department in Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiaotong University Research Areas: Strategic Management,Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management
胡海鸥 教授 Professor Haiou HU
上海交通大学安泰经济与管理学院工商管理与产业经济学教授、 博士生导师     上海交通大学WTO 与经济全球化研究中心主任 研究方向:WTO 与中国经济发展战略、中国企业管理与公司治 理、国际贸易与国际投资
上海交通大学安泰经济与管理学院创新与战略系副教授,博士生导师 研究领域:战略管理、人力资源管理、创业与创新管理
陈继祥 教授 Prof. CHEN Jixiang
Professor of Antai College of Economics and Management, Doctoral Supervisor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University Director of Modern Enterprise AdministrationResearch Institute Deputy secretary-general of Shanghai Behavioral Science Academy Independent Director of several companies Research direction: Strategy Management, Corporate Governance Structure
上海交通大学安泰经济与管理学院教授,博士生导师 现代企业管理研究中心主任,上海市行为科学学会副秘书长,多家公司独立董事。 研究方向:战略管理、公司治理结构
蒙彼利埃大学市场营销学教授 、博士生导师 巴黎高等商学院 博士 加州大学洛杉矶分校安德森管理学院 博士后 教学方向:市场营销策略,品牌管理,消费者行为学,市场营销模型,市 场研究 主要研究领域:频繁购买包装的商品,农产品市场营销,文化营销,旅游 业市场营销 编辑委员会成员:《心理与市场营销》《市场营销研究与应用》《国际期 刊-红酒商业研究》《营销决策》
师资团队  FACULTY师资团队  FACULTY 1615
1998年获宝钢教学奖和上海市先进教师的荣誉,2000年初由胡海鸥 主持的“远距离教学模式改革”课题获上海市教委颁发的一等奖。 1999年胡海鸥当选为上海市金融学会第四届理事会理事,货币理论 和货币政策研究专业委员会副主任。自1986年至今,胡海鸥在报刊 杂志上发表不少篇关于经济货币和社会道德伦理的论文。
In 1998, won the Baosteel Teaching Award and the honor of Shanghai advanced teachers,In early 2000, the project "The Reformation of Long-distance Teaching Mode " ,hosted by HU Haiou, was awarded the first prize from Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.In 1999, Hu Haiou was elected as the Fourth director of the Shanghai Institute of Finance, the deputy director of the professional committee of monetary theory and monetary policy research. Since 1986, Hu Haiou published many papers of the economic and social ethical in the newspapers and magazines.
学制与规划 Duration and Project 标准学制为一年半(不脱产在职学习),在读期间,学生将学习高级管理理论及课程实践,在此期间,学生需要完成小组 报告,阶段性的考试。上课8个月左右,开始进入论文辅导阶段,在此期间,学生需参与论文工作坊课程,完成论文的撰 写与提交。 The standard educational system is one and a half years (on-the-job learning). During the study of EMBA, students will learn advanced management theories and course practices. Meanwhile, students need to finish the group report and periodical exam. After taking courses for around 8 months, it’s time to start thesis guidance phase. During this period, students need to participate in thesis workshop, finish and deliver their papers.
学员将结合已学习和掌握的管理学理论,利用先进的信息处理技术和科学的研究方法,对自己在管理工作中所面临的实际 问题进行深入的研究,并据此开展其论文的撰写。学位论文可用中英文撰写,用英文提交,论文选题应以解决企业实践中 战略性、复杂性的问题为主,强调选题的应用价值。在研究阶段,学员和其导师紧密合作,并定期汇报其进展。学员将所 完成论文提交给法国蒙彼利埃大学进行学术评审,论文评审通过后,学员将获得法国蒙彼利埃大学颁发的EMBA高级工商 管理硕士学位。 Students will combine the management theory which they have learned and use advanced information processing technology and scientific methodology to deeply research the practical issue which they face in their management and thus to start their thesis. Academic dissertation can be written either English or Chinese, but should deliver English version. Thesis topic should focus on solving the problem of strategy and complexity in their enterprise practice and should emphasize the application value of the topic. During the research, students work closely with his tutor, and regularly report progress. Students will have to submit their paper to the university of Montpellier for academic evaluation. After passing the evaluation, students will be issued EMBA master's degree by the university of Montpellier.
课程结构 Course Structure 必修课共有12门课程,其中7门由法方教授指导,另5门由国内一线商学院知名教授指导。另外,论文写作阶段配备有论 文工作坊的课程。每门课程的课时数为20至30小时,课程学习主要安排在周末进行。 There are 12 compulsory courses in total, including 7 courses instructed by French professor, the other 5 courses instructed by top Chinese teachers from business school. In addition, thesis workshop will be arranged for students during thesis period. The hours for each course are between 20 to 30 hours, and course are mainly arranged at the weekend.
课程体系 Curriculum System
EMBA 项目 18
高级工商管理硕士学位课程 EMBA
授课语言:中文或英文授课,英文授课配有现场中文翻译。 授课方式:一年半学制,采用面授、工作坊等多种方式,期间还将安排各种讲座、沙龙、论坛等活动。 授课地点:核心课程在蒙彼利埃大学上海教学点面授,每年到法国蒙彼利埃大学一次,参加游学及国际研讨会。 授课时间:每门课程的课时数为20至30小时,每月利用周末集中授课一次。
授课形式 Teaching Form
Teaching Language : Courses will be taught in Chinese or English, if in English there will be an interpreter. Teaching method: one and a half years schooling, adopt a variety of ways, such as face-to-face, workshops ,In addition,various activities such as lectures,salons and forums will be held. Teaching Location: core courses will be taught in the university of montpellier, Shanghai center. In addition,every year students  may go to the university of Montpellier annually to participate in the study and international seminars. Teaching Time : The number of classes in each course is 20 to 30 hours, and the course will be intensively taught once a month on weekends.
论文工作坊  Writing Workshop
The workshop is a thematic tutorial course on instructing students' papers and research methods 论文工作坊为教授对学员论文及研究方法的主题指导课程。 研究方法 Methodology
蒙彼利埃总校课程  Courses at University of Montpellier
法方论文工作坊  French thesis workshop
国际研讨会  International Seminars
500强企业实地参观考察与教学互动  Field visits in top 500 companies and teaching interaction 
Being honorable : Visiting EU Prime Minister's official residence and having dinner 欧盟首脑官邸参访与晚宴,荣耀加身 部长级以上高官亲自接待陪同,尊贵之旅
Distinguished journey : officials ( be or above Ministerial-level) personally accompany with you
Face to face communication with Nobel Prize winner, founders of different schools, founder of well-known enterprises
国际游学 International Study Tour
EMBA 项目EMBA 项目 2019
课程设置  Curriculum
战略人力资源&企业社会责任           HR Strategy & Corporate Social Responsibility
财务报表分析                                  Financial Statement Analysis
国际战略市场营销                           International Strategic Marketing                 
组织行为学                                     Organization Behavior
方法论与专业课程                           Methodology and Professional Project
管理会计                                         Management Accounting                        
信息技术与管理                               Information Technology and Management 
公司金融                                         Corporate Finance                              
管理经济学                                      Management Economics                                
中国经济理论与实践                         Economics Theory and Analysis
世界经济形势分析                            World Economic Situation Analysis
学员修完所有学分,通过论文评审及答辩后,均可获得法国 蒙彼利埃大学颁发的高级工商管理硕士EMBA学位 (法国国 家认可学历,中国教育部涉外监管网认可院校)。 法国留学EMBA学员毕业之后可选择申请留在法国工作或申 请欧洲及美国其他大学继续深造。
Students who have taken all the required credits and passed the thesis evaluation and defense can obtain the “Executive Master in Business Administration” degree issued by University of Montpellier (the EMBA degree certificate is recognized by France, and the University of Montpellier is on the list of institutions approved by Chinese Ministry of Education). After graduation, EMBA students who have studied in France can apply for a job in the country or further study in Europe or America.
申请材料 Application Materials
1. 入学申请表 2. 入学动机信 3. 身份证复印件2份 4. 学历证书复印件2份(原件复核) 5. 中英文个人简历各两份 6. 两寸蓝底照片5张 7. 名片4张
1. Admission application form 2. Letter of motivation (One copy in Engish 3. 2 copies of ID card 4. 2 copies of academic certificates (the original needs to be reviewed) 5. English and Chinese CVs (2 copies each) 6. 5 two-inch blue bottom pictures 7. Four business cards
获得证书 Degree Certificate
申请资格 Application Qualifications
1. 具有一定经验的管理者;企业的中高管人员   2. 大专以上学历,五年以上管理经验,本科以上学历,三年以上管理经验    3. 良好的沟通能力
* 注:条件优异者可适当放宽管理经验年限,但需提交附加材料
1.Experienced managers; middle-level and senior-level management staff     2.College education, more than five years of management experience; Undergraduate education, more than three years of management experience        3.Good communication skills
* Note: If applicants are particularly excellent, but have short management experience, they can submit application of additional materials to the project office.
申请流程 Application Process
EMBA 项目 23
提交申请材料 Submit the application materials
招生办审核 Verification by admission department
不通过 If fail, submit again
发放录取通知 Issue the Letter of Admission
缴纳学费入学学习 Pay the tuition and get official
课程体系 Curriculum System
Executive DBA 项目 26
工商管理博士学位课程 Executive DBA
课程结构 Course Structure
学制与规划 Duration and Project
标准学制为3年(不脱产在职学习),分为两个阶段。 第一阶段一年半,学习高级管理理论和方法论课程,在 此期间,学生需要完成小组报告,阶段性的考试。所有 课程结束后,确定研究方向。第二阶段为一年半,属论 文阶段,专用于撰写论文,在此期间,学生需参与论文 工作坊课程,完成论文的撰写与答辩。
The standard duration usually takes 3 years (part-time study), which will be separated into two stages. In the first stage (1.5 years), students will take the executive management theoryand methodology course. During this period, students should complete group report, periodic examination. After finishing all courses, students should determine their research direction. In the second stage (1.5 years), also the thesis stage, students will focus on writing thesis. During this period, students should take part in thesis workshop, then finish thesis writing and thesis defense.
必修课共有15门课程,其中11门由法方教授指 导,另4门则由国内知名教授指导。另外,论文写 作阶段配备有论文工作坊的课程。
Compulsory courses include 15 courses in total, including 11 courses which is instructed by French professors, the other 4 courses is given by the China well-known professor. In addition, the paper writing stage is equipped with a paper workshop course.
授课形式 Teaching Form 授课语言:中文或英文授课,英文授课配有现场中文翻译。 授课方式:采用面授、工作坊等多种方式,期间还将安排各种讲座、沙龙、论坛等活动。 授课地点:核心课程在上海交通大学面授,每年到法国蒙彼利埃大学一次,参加论文工作坊                 及国际研讨会。 授课时间:每门课程的课时数为20至30小时,每月利用周末集中授课一次。
Teaching Language : Courses will be taught in Chinese or English, if in English there will be an interpreter. Teaching Method : There will be various methods such as face-to-face instruction, workshop etc.; In addition, various activities such as lectures, salons and forums will be held. Teaching Location : The core courses will be taught in Shanghai Jiao Tong University by face-to-face instruction; In addition, students should go to the University of Montpellier annually to participate in thesis workshops and international seminars. Teaching Time : The number of classes in each course is 20 to 30 hours, and the course will be intensively taught once a month on weekends.
文献综述与撰写 Literature Review
开题报告与论文结构 Thesis Proposal and Structure
研究方法 Methodology    
论文工作坊 Writing Workshop
Executive DBA 项目Executive DBA 项目 2827
金融理论  Finance Theory
战略管理理论  Strategic Management     
会计与控制理论  Accounting and Control Theories
市场营销理论与模型  Marketing Theories and Models
核心理论课程 Fundamental Theories
战略:战略、革新与竞合  Strategy: Strategy, Innovation and Coopetition
金融:公司财务与治理  Finance: Corporate Finance and Governance
人力资源:社会责任与人力资源  HR: Social Responsibility and HR
会计:会计人员与社会  Accounting: Accountancies and Society
企业家精神  Entrepreneurship
市场营销:销售、客户关系  Marketing: Sales, Customer Relationship
高级管理 专题研讨 Senior Management Seminar
认识论  Epistemology
定量研究方法  Quantitative Methods
定性研究方法  Qualitative Methods 
论文工作坊  Writing Workshop
The workshop is a thematic tutorial course on instructing students' papers and research methods 论文工作坊为教授对学员论文及研究方法的主题指导课程。
研究方法 Methodology
蒙彼利埃总校课程  Courses at University of Montpellier
法方论文工作坊  French thesis workshop
国际研讨会  International Seminars
500强企业实地参观考察与教学互动  Field visits in top 500 companies and teaching interaction 
Being honorable : Visiting EU Prime Minister's official residence and having dinner 欧盟首脑官邸参访与晚宴,荣耀加身 部长级以上高官亲自接待陪同,尊贵之旅
Distinguished journey : officials ( be or above Ministerial-level) personally accompany with you
Face to face communication with Nobel Prize winner, founders of different schools, founder of well-known enterprises
国际游学 International Study Tour
申请资格 Application Qualifications
申请材料 Application Materials
入学流程 Selection Procedures
项目费用 Tuition Fee
申请蒙彼利埃Executive DBA项目,申请人须符合以下条件中的一项: 1、由学术机构颁发的企业管理或相关学科的硕士学位,并有最少两年管理工作经验; 2、由学术机构颁发的非企业管理或相关学科硕士学位,并最少有五年管理工作经验; * 未具上述学历但最少有八年管理工作经验者,请向项目办公室提交补充附加材料特殊申请。 To apply for the Executive DBA program of University of Montpellier, the applicant shall meet one of the following conditions: 1. Master's Degree in Business Management or related discipline issued by an academic institution and having at least two years of experience in management; 2. Master's Degree in non-Business Management Major or related discipline issued by an academic institution and having at least five years of experience in management; * With respect to the applicant who has none of the above-mentioned degrees but has at least eight years experiences in management works, please submit the special application of supplementing the additional materials to the project office.
To apply for the Executive DBA program of University of Montpellier, the applicant should complete the Application Form in English and Chinese, and submit related materials. Applicant can log into the official website of the Program Office to download and print application materials, and directly post the complete application materials to the Program Office.
申请蒙彼利埃 Executive DBA 项目需要您完成中英文申请表的填写,并提交相关材料。申请人可登录项目办公室官 网下载打印报名材料,备齐全部申请材料后,直接寄送至项目办公室。
1、报名表(中英文各一份)Application Form (One copy in English and the other in Chinese) 2、身份证和护照复印件 Copy of the Identity Card and Passport 3、最高学位证书复印件 Copy of the highest Degree Certificate 4、入学动机信(中英文各一份)Letter of Motivation(One copy in English and the other in Chinese) 5、个人标准2寸证件照4张 4 copies of the Standard Two-Inch Personal ID Photo 6、研究题目(中英文各一份)Research Topic(One copy in English and one in Chinese) 7、英语测试 English Test
1、推荐信(2封)Reference Letters (Two) 2、其他研究经历 Other Research Experiences 3、奖励荣誉 Awards and Honors 4、英语等级考试证明 English level test certificate
<<附件材料>> <<Additional Materials>>
法国蒙彼利埃大学Executive DBA项目费用包含:入学面试费、学费、学籍注册费、学杂费、境外服务费;不包含 往返法国的国际差旅费及赴法期间的食宿费。 更多信息请联系Executive DBA项目办公室。 其他详情参见项目官网:www.univ-montp.com
The total fee for Executive DBA Program of University of Montpellier include : application fee, tuition fee, academic record registration fee, school sundry fees, and overseas services fee; the international travel expenditure and the room and board fee during oversea studies are not included. For more information, please contact the Program Office. For details, please see the Program official site:www.univ-montp.com
递交报名表等必交材料与推荐信等附加材料 Submit necessary materials such as the application form and the additional materials such as the recommendation letter
项目组审核若未确认,重新提交 Verification by project team  If fail, submit again
成为Executive DBA正式学员
入学面试 Admission Interview
Issue the Letter of Admission
Pay the tuition, and register
Become an official EDBAstudent
论文与学位证书 Thesis and Degree Certificate
论文语言  Thesis Language
会议,研讨会和图书馆支持 Conferences, Seminars and Library Supports 
学位证书  Degree Certificate
论文的书面文件的语言需为英文。用中文撰写的论文,学员需翻译成英文。论文答辩时可以使用英文或中文配有英文 翻译。 The written language of the thesis is required to be English. If written in Chinese, students should translate it to English. English or Chinese with English translation is allowed to use in thesis defense.
在得到蒙彼利埃大学位评审委员会的认可后,完成60学分课程,提交所有与课程相关的作业,并且平均成绩达到10分( 总分20分)的学生,可以获得蒙彼利埃大学颁授的工商管理博士学位证书;未能完成整个学术项目的学员则将获得学校 出具的成绩证明。 Student who received the recognition of UM degree review committee, completed the 60 credits course, submitted all course-relevant assignments and reached an overall grade of 10 (20 total) can obtain the degree of Executive Doctorate in Business Administration awarded by UM. Students who fails to finish the whole academic program will be issued an academic transcripts by school.
除了密集的研讨会和工作坊之外,学员还将有机会参加诸如CMA、GDA、EMSS等知名学术协会举办的各种会议和 研讨会。学员可以访问蒙彼利埃大学图书馆的在线图书馆查找资料和下载文献。 Apart from intensive seminars and workshops mentioned above, participants will further be offered the opportunity of attending various kinds of conferences and seminars held by renowned associations like the CMA,GDA and EMSS. Students will have access to online materials available at the libraries of the University of Montpellier.
学员需要完成一篇具有深层次学术水平的论文,并对于所设计的个人组织/公共组织的实践或政策有所助益。所选题 目需要具有学术和实用(经济或社会...)意义。它可以解决理论或实际问题(如创建或实施管理工具,系统,设 备...)。 The program requires participants to achieve a thesis with a in-depth academic level and is helpful to improve the private or public organization’s practice or policy designed. The selected topic needs to have an academic and practical (economic or societal…) interest. It can address a theoretical or a practical issue (as creating or implementing management tools, systems, devices…). 
论文博导与评估 Thesis supervisors and evaluation 基于中法院校的亲密合作关系,学员论文有中方和法方两位论文导师。学员根据自己的研究方向选择论文导师,须提 交研究课题给法方导师确认。论文评审包含论文写作质量和答辩两部分,答辩在法国或中国举行。 based on the close relationship between French and Chinese research institutions, students will be supervised by a French professor in coordination with a Chinese professor. Students can choose a thesis supervisor according to their professional directions. They must send him a research project for agreement. Thesis evaluation is based on a written document and an oral defense which will be held in France or in China. 
论文与学位证书 Thesis and Degree Certificate 31
目前学员主要来自于国有企业、外资企业、民营企业和其他各类组织。学员所在行业分布广泛,有制造业、服务、贸易及商业、 金融业、IT业、生物及制药等。他们中绝大多数都具有10-15年的工作经验,并且是所在公司的高级经理人或领导者。 The students are mainly from state-owned enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, private enterprises and other types of organizations. The students are from manufacturing, services, trade and commerce, finance , IT , biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, etc. The majority of them have more than 10-15 years of work experience and are senior managers or leaders in companies.
工商管理博士学位课程 Executive DBA
高级工商管理硕士学位课程 EMBA
按公司性质划分 enterprise property
11% 15%38%
按工作经验划分 working experience
按行业划分 industry
25%12% 7% 8% 6% 5% 5%
按年龄划分 age
按职位划分 position
按工作经验划分 working experience
少于5年 less than 5 years 2%
5-10年 5-10 years 32% 66%10-15年及以上 10-15 years and above
按年龄划分 age
52岁以上 52 and above 5%
32岁以下 32 and below
按教育背景划分 education background
其他 Others 
按行业划分 industry
金融 finance 30%
technology and information
服务与咨询 service and consultancy
地产 estates 4%
finance and retails
education and training
文化 culture
按公司性质划分 enterprise property
国有企业及事业单位 state-owned enterprises and institutions 20%
foreign company
joint venture and joint-stock enterprises
民营企业 private enterprises 
按职位划分 position
董事长/总裁 Chairman/CEO
Director/manager/ senior executives
VP/general manager/partner
MATCHLESS International Study Tour
每年组织一次母校游学,启程工商管理博士的辉煌之旅, 学在蒙彼,游在旅途,知行合一,止于至善。 The Study Tour is organized every year to build a glory journey of Executive DBA, experience in visiting and feel in seeing. 
知识成就 · 勤于学 Achieve in knowledge o 学术会议和研讨会(蒙彼利埃管理研究&卓越实验室)    Conferences and Seminaries (MRM & LABEX) o 与研究者交流     Exchange with researchers o 论文答辩    Defense of thesis o 毕业典礼     Degree ceremony 
学游相长 · 善于思 Experience in visiting o 历史名胜游览     Historical and antic sites o 品尝法式美食     Degustation of french cooking  o 著名葡萄酒品鉴     Tasting of famous wine 
感受法国人的生活方式 · 敏于行 Feel French way of life o 欢迎仪式与晚宴    Reception and gala o 国际足球比赛… ;     Mondial de foot … ;
蒙彼EMBA & Executive DBA 项目学员游学掠影以及学员母校学习 Moments from study tour of UM Executive DBA & Executive DBA And Study at Université de Montpellier
世界终身教育委员会 CMA
世界终身教育委员会(CMA,全称Comité Mondial pour les Apprentissages tout au long de la vie),是一个法国非营利性协 会。CMA成立于2005年,由联合国教科文 组织大会主席和包括中国人在内的国际小组 共同创建。
CMA的目标是与个人和组织,包括公共部门 共同促进终身教育。
CMA的使命是作为各方沟通的桥梁支持终生 学习委员会开展工作, 创建有利于终生学习 委员会创新和改进的挑战性环境。这将有助 于人们提高自身能力和所处社会整体能力。 总体目标是促进人的能力发展,走向更快乐 的社会生活。
The CMA is a non-profit French association built in 2005 under this aegis of the President of the General Conference of UNESCO with an international team including Chinese.
The aim of CMA is to promote lifelong learning with several and various actors as individuals and organization. 
The mission of CMA is to be a main bridge between them to work in favor of lifelong learning and to build a challenging environment conducive to innovations and ongoing improvement of lifelong learning. In order to valorise and recognize thus acquired skills by society for everyone. This would let people to develop their capacity for themselves and for society.
蒙彼校友 CMA GDA EMSS 四大平台 四倍视野 博士企业级圈层 4 Platforms 4 Times vision Doctoral enterprise circle
学员将与来自欧洲和中国的学者 与专家,以及蒙彼利埃大学校友 建立联系,当中不乏各地商界和 社会领袖精英。
GDA(Global DBA Association) is a non-profit and non-political social organization which engaged in the relation of DBA alumni from the universities worldwide. The UM Executive DBA degree program is one member of the association. The association is aimed to enhance the connections among the global DBA students and the friendship between alumni. It also attempts to promote the academic communication between different regions of the DBA universities, and provide service to support the career development of the DBA students. The mission of GDA is to speed up the formulation of DBA teaching and academic standards, promote DBA research achievements and create a global “industry-Academia-Research” platform to foster entrepreneurs with global perspectives.
全球工商管理博士联合会(Global DBA Association,简称GDA)是从事全球各大学 DBA 同学联 谊工作的社会团体,是非营利性、非政治化的社团组织。蒙彼利埃大学E-DBA学位项目,是该委员会成员之一。联合会 致力于加强全球 DBA 同学之间的联系,增进校友之间的友谊;促进不同国家不同地域的 DBA 学校之间的学术交流;服 务于 DBA 同学,支持 DBA 同学的事业发展;推动 DBA 教学学术等标准的制定,推广 DBA 的研究成果;打造一个全 球化“学产研”平台,成就全球企业思想家。
EMSS管理思想践行学会是注册于英国伦敦的非营利性机构, 在国内合作于上海管理科学学会。学会致力于创造真正基于 实践、高于实践、反哺于实践的、富有中国特色的世界级理 论,造福于到中国乃至全世界的管理实践,帮助企业实现愿 景,打破国界,拓展企业发展极限,实现无国界管理。
Engaged Management Scholars Society (EMSS) is a non-profit institution registered in London, UK affiliated with Shanghai Management Science Society. EMSS dedicates itself to creating world-class theories that truly come from practice, go beyond practice, feedback to practice and are rich in Chinese characteristics, which can benefit the management practice of China and the entire world, help enterprises realize their vision, go beyond national borders, expand limit of enterprise development, and realize borderless management.
学会与上海交通大学安泰经济与管理学院,法国蒙彼利埃大 学等多家海内外知名高校商学院合作,运营具有悠久历史, 且被上海高校公认为B类期刊的核心期刊《上海管理科学》。 委员会正在推出海外版和移动版,致力于将其打造成广受国 内外学者和企业家喜爱的权威期刊。
The Society has cooperative relationship with Antai College of Shanghai Jiao Tong University,Université de Montpellier and many other famous schools in the world. They together run the journal《Shanghai Managent Science》which  is widely recognized as the core journal of B-level journals by all Shanghai universities. The committee is planning to launch the oversea and mobile editions of the magazine, and to develop it as an authoritative journal loved by both foreign and domestic scholars.
管理思想践行学会 Engaged Management Scholars Society(EMSS)
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